Cloaked Therapeutics, LLC is a private biopharmaceutical limited liability company registered in Delaware and located near Oxford, Mississippi.  Cloaked was formed in 2014 to commercially develop, under exclusive license, proprietary TumorSelect® technology discovered by Veiled Therapeutics, LLC.


The company’s proprietary TumorSelect® technology selectively delivers active anticancer agents into tumor cells.  Pseudo-LDL particles containing novel prodrugs of clinically approved chemotherapeutic agents are used to improve the selective uptake of cytotoxics by tumors in order to improve efficacy and reduce toxicity. This technology is well established both preclinically and clinically.


Cloaked has used TumorSelect® to create an exciting proof-of-concept lead program with an advanced delivery system for paclitaxel that promises to improve both its efficacy and tolerability when compared with standard Cremophor® as well as newer Abraxane® formulations.